Advanced Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics for Powerboats

Performance Boat design and setup secrets for Recreational tunnels, Offshore Cats, Racing tunnels, Fishing/Utility hulls, Vee and Vee-Pad Hulls, Bass Boats
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    Tunnel Boat Design Program software

About TBDP Version 8                                 


"The best performance powerboat optimization software available to builders, designers , owners, drivers."


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TBDP© reviewed by Scream & Fly magazine. 

Check out the review at the S&F site, or download your own copy.

"Jim Russell is the best there is and Helmut and I have always been guided by his knowledge and experience". [Greg Terzian, S&F magazine]

** Check out a summary of TBDP 'design input' data.  Four full input screens, with over 100 input variables, for very precise control of your design and setup, with 125+ page printed manual and 150+ page on-line Help [Win7/8/10 compatible].

** Check out magazine reviews of new TBDP software in Hot Boat (USA) magazine and in Raceboat Int'l  (UK) magazine.

Who uses TBDP©

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The Tunnel Boat Design Program (TBDP©) is a PC-based computer program that does performance analysis and design for all types of tunnel hulls, power catamarans, modified tunnels and all types of Vee hulls and Vee-pad hulls. TBDP©'s easy user-interface makes your performance analysis a fast and simple task for all users. (See also the VBDP©)

Based on leading edge aerodynamic and hydrodynamic research, AR has developed complex algorithms, verified by full-size hull performance testing, that accurately represent hull design, setup and performance results through full velocity range, for any type or size of hull.  The TBDP©/VBDP© software does all the work for you with the click of a button! It's as easy as 1-2-3 to get the highly accurate performance prediction of your boat. [click here to see how it works]

What can TBDP©/VBDP© do?

The TBDP©/VBDP© allows you to optimize hull  hydrodynamics and aerodynamics, improve performance-to-weight ratios, and increase overall hull performance. AR® sustains the most advanced performance powerboat research programs in the industry. Other fancy 3-D graphic programs just do not have the engineering complexities that back up the TBDP©/VBDP© algorithms, or the analysis methods required to obtain such realistic and accurate performance results.  TBDP©/VBDP© is developed with leading-edge research and proven by full-scale and race testing!

The TBDP© incorporates the same ("AR®  Analysis") design approach that is documented in the world acclaimed  Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design book (©2017).  TBDP©/VBDP© doesn't use any 'C' constants or 'factors' to simulate different hull types - it analyzes all aspects of each hull design from first engineering principles, proven by research and full-scale testing.  The power of the software allows for comprehensive analysis, employing engineering techniques that include the needed inter-dependance of aerodynamic, hydrodynamic and stability calculation methods that are key to proper Tunnel hull design and accurate performance prediction.  TBDP© is a high performance software, but it's not just for high performance applications.  (see who uses TBDP© software.) Great for recreational, commercial, fishing, high performance and racing tunnels, powercats Vee hulls and Vee-pad hulls (even whitewater jet hulls, RC boats, Fishing/Utility tunnels, modified tunnel (Mod-VP), modified Vee hulls, bass boats).   [What all does TBDP© do?]

See complete feature list and NEW features in V8.0

TBDP© deciphers the complex balance of dynamic forces in performance hulls. This is the most advanced technology available for performance hull analysis & design.  The unique AR® research-proven relationship of combined hydrodynamics and aerodynamics - particularly from the "ground effect" of a high-performance hull - are derived to show accurate effects on the  performance and dynamic stability of the hull design, setup and application environment.

[see who uses TBDP©]

Jim Russell is well known for his research, development and race-testing of advanced hydrodynamic/aerodynamic relationships, including planing lift/drag, porpoising, chine walk, hull dynamic stability and his unique expansion of Savitsky techniques for application to high-performance hulls.

Test your hull with: Steps, CenterPod, any engine/lower unit, any sponson type/width/deadrise, any tunnel width/height/angle/shape/aerofoil, any tunnel angle (more/less "lift"), spray rails/lifting strakes, any cockpit/cowling design, any deck shape/area, any weight distributions, any engine setback.  Even account for air temperature, humidity, altitude, water temp & type (salt/fresh).

tbdp input screen - AeroMarine Research
Easy design input
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research
Extensive performance reports & graphics
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research
Easy quick-design wizard
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research
Summary Performance Results Report
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research
OEM engine selection wizard with specs for engines

"..Other software such as generic CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis software just don't get such meaningful or accurate results!"

What's new 02/16/18
(Win7/8/10, XP)

Windows 7, 8, 10, XP

* Dozens of NEW features
* See Version 8 New Features Summary
* Includes NEW Motor Wizard with over 2250 OEM engine choices!


TBDP V8, "Auto 123 Performance Analysis video


TBDP V8, "Quick Design Wizard video

Scream and Fly magazine Review of TBDP/VBDP Ver. 8
"...the very best and most comprehensive performance evaluation tool available."

Tunnel Boat Design Program Version 8.0
TBDP© Ver 8.0 Reviewed by
Powerboat & RIB magazine

(May 2014)


Proven with full scale hull testing, wind tunnel testing, water channel testing, unique engineering research for all types of hulls.  Predictive results shown to be +/- 1% or better!



What can TBDP do?
Questions:  What will the performance of my hull be?  Is my new design arrangement stable?  Will my hull porpoise at any speed?  How much power do I need for my hull?  How fast will my boat go?  What is my acceleration time? How much faster will it go if I reduce tunnel height?  When does my hull become unstable?  Will a center-pod help my performance?  What happens if I shift weight in my setup?  Will my boat porpoise?  At what speed does my hull experience the "hump zone"?  What difference in performance is my hull if I increase HP of my engine? What happens to my performance if I raise my engine by 1/2 inch? Is my boat faster with....wider sponsons?  more trim?  less deadrise? smaller tunnel depth?  add a step?  What happens to my speed if I close in my boat's cockpit?  What is my acceleration/elapsed time in 1000ft? [and performance variations from changing over 70 input variables!]

How fast will my boat go with "X" HP?  How much HP do I need to go "Y" mph?  How much speed do I gain if I reduce hull weight by "Z" pounds? - Any or ALL of these queries are easy to answer with TBDP/VBDP.

The User can quickly: predict maximum speed and hull performance for the complete hull velocity range; optimize hull design and setup for specific operating expectations; test hull modifications with the software for expected performance BEFORE changing the boat; design new hulls for optimum performance; analyze performance characteristics in detail, including dynamic balance, all hydrodynamic and aerodynamic Lifts & Drags, HP requirements, trim angles - even porpoising analysis; compare performance of old design with new design with on-screen graphics. TBDP© takes the dramatic costs and expensive time delays out of traditional "trial-and-error" design processes.

"At only $399, can you really afford NOT to have the TBDP© software?  It saved me ten times that much $ by using TBDP© before I starting building my boat!"  [Glenn L.- FLA, USA]

"I highly recommend the Tunnel Boat Design software. It allowed us to build a boat from the ground up, and test it without even having to build a prototype first. .. it tested within 0.1 mph of the projected speed. [Mike Breslin, Sport C World Champion]  

"It is easy to use for even complete novices...pros can dive right in, and amateurs will find that the program can guide users through each step. The included Help file is a gold mine of performance boat knowledge. Each design measurement and aspect of performance is clearly and accurately defined, along with the related background theory." [Greg Terzian, Scream&Fly magazine review]

  (more testimonials here)

Excellent for any size of boat - Commercial Catamarans, Performance/Recreational tunnels, Sport tunnel, Offshore catamarans, Circuit racing tunnels (F1/IOGP), Ocean racers (OPC), whitewater jets, Fishing/Utility powercats, or Recreational tunnels, including modified tunnel (Mod-VP), modified Vee style hulls, Vee hulls & Vee-Pad hulls, even RC performance models. Size, speed and setup conditions are all accounted for by the software.  TBDP/VBDP principles perform well for all types and any sizes of tunnel hulls/catamarans/modified Vee hulls and Vee hulls & Vee-pad hulls. [see who uses TBDP©]
  NEW! The TBDP© now also includes VBDP© software for Vee Hull Design!  VBDP© provides Vee Hull and Vee-Pad hull design & performance analysis, including dynamic stability and Porpoising analysis.  Full performance analysis; one-button click that automatically changes design configuration to reflect the simulation of a Vee hull or a Vee-Pad hull. Key setup parameters are automatically changed to reflect the terminology, simulation, design & analysis of a Vee hull or a Vee-Pad hull.
  The TBDP© provides a fast, detailed method for the tunnel boat designer, builder, owner or driver to generate a total performance and design analysis. The TBDP© makes it easy for the designer to clearly predict the effect of any individual or group of design change(s) on the ultimate performance of the hull. 

The software is not a fancy graphic or drafting-aid package. It is a proven, engineering design/analysis program that presents predictive performance results in easy-to-read, comparative-style format, on any Windows-compatible PC system.
The TBDP© generates detailed performance Reports, showing complete performance measurements of hydrodynamic Lifts & Drags, aerodynamic Lifts & Drags, forces & coefficients, dynamic stability, center of pressures, acceleration, elapsed times - even a unique Porpoise AnalysisPerformance reporting is done NOT just at one selected speed, BUT for ALL velocities throughout the full operating velocity range of the hulls operating performance range.  Data Reports make it easy to compare design changes, whether complex or simple changes, illustrating the regions of performance that are better or worse. Graphic Performance output is also presented for an easy visual review of all performance characteristics.
The TBDP© allows for unlimited variations of tunnel hull designs stored in individual files. All design data dimensions and performance requirements for each design configuration are input to "free-form" data-entry screens, and can be easily changed. Predictive performance results are calculated with the same procedure as outlined in the Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design© book, using special complex algorithms. Many essential performance indicators such as "angle-of-attack", "wetted surface", "power ratings", "acceleration", "elapsed time" and "dynamic stability" relations are determined for specified velocity ranges. Complex design features such as different aerofoil shapes, sponson pad "steps", open cockpit or enclosed "capsule" cockpits or even "cuddy cabin", multiple power trains, and Mod-VP style centre-pod hull designs, can be implemented easily into the analysis. Even effects of geographic altitude and the differences of salt and fresh water are included. The resulting effect on all performance characteristics of even small dimensional or operating changes can be seen quickly.

 Professional features include On-Line Help Screens, Design File Management with Save, Add New, delete and Copy File, and data file printing to any Windows supported printer.

 Results can be easily analyzed with the powerful on-screen-graphic presentation. All of the essential performance indicators are presented in engineering graph format, for your full velocity range, showing the trends of these important indicators throughout the range of operation.

 Detailed results can be saved to individual design files, or can be printed in Design Performance Reports output for further review, comparison or documentation.

 TBDP©/VBDP© includes a detailled User Manual, on-line context-sensitive HELP features, and installation CD [a DVD/CD-ROM drive is required in your computer for installation.]

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about Jim Russell

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"Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design" book!
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