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bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Morley Smith - Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers (Performance Plans), IL. (Nov, 1985) - "I just received and read your book (Secrets of) "Tunnel Boat Design" ... Tremendous, terrific, great, and have combined a tremendous amount of research with an excellent writing approach so that it is easy for the reader to understand just what you are saying ...congratulations on a tremendous piece of work!"[Morley Smith, SNAME]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Bob SwitzerBob Switzer, original Switzer Wing designer, (SwitzerCraft Boats, IL), Jan 2004) says..."Jim, I really want to tell you how much I enjoyed re-reading your book 'Secrets of Tunnel boat Design'! "
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Greg Terzian (Dec 2013) - "Jim Russell is the best there is and Helmut and I have always been guided by his knowledge and experience. Not only has Jim allowed us to achieve greater performance, but also in a safer manner." [G. Terzian, Dec 2013]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Eric Leonhardt, Western Washington University (July 2017) - "I have really enjoyed your book and your software as well. In 2014, I introduced my students to your Tunnel Hull book and the process used to design tunnel hulls....(using) your tunnel-hull material for my entry level course to introduce students to aerodynamic and hydrodynamic lift and drag. (The program was presented at American Society of Engineering Educators conference in June 2017). Thanks for your support. - [Eric Leonhardt, Director Vehicle Research Institute, Western Washington University]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Alan Power, Power Marine (Sept 2014) says...(re: OCR Pad Vee modification design) "Hi Jim, Hope you are well...It is unbelievable the transformation the boat has gone through! Long story short, we went from being lapped last season to podium finishes this year! Many thanks for your insight." [Alan Power, Power Marine, Ireland, Sept 2014)]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Jack W. (Nov 2016) - "I loaded the (new TBDP/VBDP) Ver 8 and I'm really impressed. The amount of information available in the new program is light years ahead...I'm on information overload. ...There's a lot of us out here that are thankful for the work you're doing! [JW, Washington, USA - Nov 2016] "
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Scream & Fly on-line magazine, (Apr2015/Oct2003/Feb2013) - AeroMarine 'Research's products are fantastic. The Tunnel Boat Design Program is the only such software of its kind, and it's an extremely useful tool"..."The Secrets Of Tunnel Boat Design' [book] is also a fantastic tool, and very interesting as well as educational."

"Astonishingly, the Tunnel Boat Design Program predicted that our setup would achieve a maximum velocity of 115.1 mph! Taking this even further, the TBDP also accurately predicted our acceleration model – a big plus for [< 0.5% accuracy] Impressive accuracy, to say the least."
 [S&Fly Review of TBDP software] [S&Fly Review of STBD book]

(Apr2015) - "Aeromarine Research's Tunnel Boat/Vee Boat Design Software is the very best and most comprehensive performance evaluation tool available." [S&Fly Review TBDP Ver8.4 Apr2015]

bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Speedcraft (April 2015) - Jim, the Pad Vee Speedcraft you helped me design is doing great! She is the fastest SOB on the Island right now! We managed to a best top speed 100.4 a relatively low angle of attack which kept it stable at these speeds. We were all impressed and amazed. BD, Speedcraft, Malta
  Russell M (March 2017) - TBDP is an awesome tool. So far it's predictions and actual boat response have been really similar. The program is so much easier/quieter/cheaper than grinding and sanding! . [RM, Cascade Yacht Works, Warrenton, OR, USA ]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) "Shakin' Not Stirred" Race Team, (Feb 2010) - "Last year we tried 75 different combinations and we gained 4 mph, we then purchased the TBDP software and worked with Jim... and we gained 6mph - thanks! ["Shakin Not Stirred" race team, FX 0.07, Hal Bamping - driver, Zabrina Bamping - Navigator", AB, Canada]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) "Secrets of Propeller Design" book, (Oct 2009) -  "That book [Secrets of Propeller Design] is AWESOME. I bring it (to) work leave it by the computer at home and read it over and over. There's so much useful info there". [James "Whipper", Prince George, BC, Canada]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) TBDP & CAD design (March 2013) - I purchased the Tunnel Boat Design Program (TBDP) from AeroMarine Research. It is really easy to use and covers just about every detail of what ever hull you are working on. ...Enter all of the dimensions/weight placement, power, etc.; there are also templates/examples in the program to compare to; it will give you max speed, acceleration, stability information, porpoise, etc. and you can change the design until you are happy with it. [MW, Canada]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) "Donzi Mod" [Oct 2011] - I employed the (performance consulting) services of Jim Russell. Jim is very well known in performance circles and has evolved modeling software that can perform numerous "what if" scenarios. He produced a pretty detailed report that had gads of info. ...suffice to say he was worth every penny and routinely is called upon by UAE types for consultation work.  [Greg G.- Donzi Registry]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Power Marine - 21' SportCat, (Feb 2008) - We have been using the Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design Book to analyse the performance of our new boat with much success, the STBD book makes complex calculations straight forward and simple to use, a great tool for anyone designing or setting up cat or tunnel hull powerboats. Thanks Jim, you and AeroMarine Research have been a great help and inspiration to all of my projects. [Alan Power, Power Marine, Ireland]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Dillon Racing - 2006 Mini GT high points championship & Region 8 Championship, (Feb. 2007) A tunnel boat I designed/built last year absolutely killed in Mini GT (25hp), winning 8 races out of 10. I expect to design more in the future. I love your program (TBDP). Many thanks, Bob. [Bob Dillon, Hackensack, MN] 
Dillon Racing website at:
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Kretz Marine Boating/TKM Racing Developments, (Jan 2009) - I am really enjoying working with your software and learn more every time I use it! I have (had) huge success in South Africa. currently (our RC design) holds the South African Championship! This is really a great testament to your program as is did wonders in helping to improve and develop our boats! [Karl Kretz, South Africa]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Jeff & Denise Talcott, (Nov 2011) - your software has really helped us get where we are today. once we had (Denise's) equipment in top form, we were able to go to the TBDP and predict any changes we wanted to make and instantly see the results. we understand why and how her boat performs and can tune to different course, weather and water conditions and get the most out of every lap. it's that time of year again i keep the wood burner stoked, and go to the TBDP.  [Jeff Talcott, MI, USA]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) 19' Sterling Tunnel - July 2005 - The Guru Speaks... I submitted drawing, pictures and design notes to Jim Russell at AeroMarine Research to determine what the performance characteristics of my boat would be like (most significantly swapping to twin outboards). The information and understanding that Jim and AeroMarine were able to convey to me was extremely valuable. The final point - use Jim Russell's services and buy his software if you are doing any work on tunnel hulls!!! The alternative of "trial and error" is expensive, time consuming, and possibly dangerous. - [David (AxisMoto), Phoenix, AZ]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Alemdar Offshore Racing Team - 2004/2005 UIM Offshore Champion, (Feb 2007) - In 2003 we bought (TBDP) software and started to modify our existing hull with TBDP. In 2004 we won the championship. We modify our hull again and we won the 2005 UIM Offshore Championship without losing any race. After 3 years I started to use the TBDP software like an advanced user. Finally 2006 is the year of our completely new designed boat powered by TBDP. We won the championship again!! 4 key factors of our winnings (are) Very High top speed numbers, Excellent rough water capability and speed, Acceleration, Higher turning speeds - All the key factors comes from TBDP software benefits. [Murat Alemdar, Istanbul, Turkey]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) CT Marine - NZ Superboat Class National Champion (Jan 2007) - I had my designer use your (TBDP) program on our latest offshore race cat. "Sleepyhead" designed for NZ Superboat Class. Powered by 2 x 525 Bulldog Mercury racing engines giving it a top speed of 118mph. Peter Turner wins the NZ National Championship! When it came to a new boat I had already purchased your (STBD)  book and our designer (purchased) your program...we input (data from our) last design...then changed every thing to suit (TBDP) program. We launched it on Saturday 27th of January took it for one quick run...raced it on the Sunday and won! [Nic deMey, CT Marine, New Zealand] 
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Kuhl Racing - 2nd High Points (TCBA) 2006, Jan 2007 - Driver Tyler Kuhl at Sioux City, Iowa (photo).  Mini-GT Racemaster/Evinrude - Second in Highpoints 2006 (TCPBA); Third in Highpoints 2005 (TCPBA). The TBDP Software and STBD Book helped us understand the importance of Hydrodynamic lift on slower Tunnel boats. It also helped us with dialing in our motor height and reducing wetted surface drag on the hull. This program saved us many hours of testing, I wish I had this program 20 years ago when we where running our bigger boats. I would recommend TBDP software and STBD Book to anyone who has an interest in going fast on water.  Visit Tyler's website for the photos of boats. [Dominick Kuhl, Frazee, MN]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Mike Breslin Sport C World ChampionMike Breslin - Sport C World Champion - (April 2005) - I highly recommend the Tunnel Boat Design software.  It allowed us to build a boat from the ground up, and test it without even having to build a prototype first.  We were able to test for speed, handling, and design before we even started the boat.  After the boat was built, it tested within 0.1 mph of the projected speed.  I highly recommend this program. [Mike Breslin, Black Widow Customs, Sport C World Champion High Points 2004]  
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) American Offshore 3700American Offshore Powerboats - (January 2005) - We at American Offshore have used the AeroMarine software to design the hull for our 37 ft Cat.  It is a very good program and allowed us to evaluate many different configurations and compare our final design configuration with those used by other manufactures. It also allowed us to compare our 26 ft and 31 ft hull designs with the similar size hull designs used by our competition. I highly recommend it. [Art DiNick, American Offshore]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) US1 Marles Racing Engines - (January 2005) - I use the program all the time and it’s totally awesome. It has helped me win two National Championships in Mod-U Formula One.  I would feel naked without it.  [John Marles, Two Time National Champion Formula One Boat Racer]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Dave Strong - (May 2015) - "TBDP would help you a great deal, much cheaper and easier to make changes on a computer than make bad changes on the boat"..."I input the info from my BAJA and it predicts speed within 1%...It is for real." [Dave Strong, Edgewater, BC, Canada]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes)
University of Buffalo, Engineering Faculty (Oct 2002)
- “The software [TBDP] is so cool! You must have put in years of hard work to get it to where it is. It is so user friendly that even I understand it.” [PK - Univ. of Buffalo, NY]
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes)

Scream & Fly on-line magazine - (December 2001) - "This software (TBDP, Version 7) allows the tunnel boat enthusiast to alter a ‘virtual model’ of their current hull...and see the results of...changes in real time as you alter hull variables. The power of the PC can now be leveraged to offer insights into your hull configuration never before possible with such ease and accuracy."
"The (TBDP) small dimensional differences can really affect performance.  It’s very easy to enter your boat’s design dimensions and setup into the software."
S&F_STV.jpg (27598 bytes)
click to go to S&F magazine article
click to dload pdf reprint of article

"Astonishingly, the Tunnel Boat Design Program predicted that our setup would achieve a maximum velocity of 115.1 mph! (within less than 1 mph of actual top speed). The TBDP also accurately predicted our acceleration model – a big plus for drag racers. Impressive accuracy, to say the least".    "Taking this yet another step further, the Tunnel Boat Design Program assessed the stability of our STV, arriving at the conclusion that our rig would experience relative instability throughout the 55-80 mph range...the software was remarkably accurate: our STV did "settle in" over 80 mph!"

"It is easy to use for even complete novices...pros can dive right in, and amateurs will find that the program can guide users through each step. The included Help file is a gold mine of performance boat knowledge. Each design measurement and aspect of performance is clearly and accurately defined, along with the related background theory."

"On or off the water, AeroMarine Research’s Tunnel Boat Design software is a performance-predicting program that is more than worth the price. There’s just nothing like it anywhere else".
  (from: "Fine Tuning For The Future - An Evaluation of AeroMarine Research's Tunnel Boat Design Program"; Article and Test by Greg Terzian and Helmut Freitag)

bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes)

Mark Nelson, (September 2003) - “Jimboat, This this how my (Sport C) boat turned out.  It was really fast…Your program did good work. Mark.”..."I designed my Sport C boat with the Tunnel Boat Design Software and it does work! ... It made the designing phase much faster and allot of fun too! Building your own boat from someone else's plans is OK, but building a boat that you designed yourself is much more rewarding. I built a SST-60 boat which won the 2012 OPC National Championships and set the 1/4 speed record for the class. I used the TBDP for both boats[Mark Nelson, IL]

bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes)

Alan Power, Dublin,Ireland. (January 2003) - “The book is outstanding, it's really starting to come together for me, … the book has already saved a lot of work….Thanks again and keep up the good work.”  

bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Jeff Dozier, Severn, MD (March 2003) - “It is great!!!!!!!!!!  It is exactly what I have been looking to find.  I am very impressed!” 
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Techno @ S&F on-line forum - (July 2002) - "I normally wouldn't buy a prop calculator with so many free ones on the web but I made a mistake and glad I did. This one allows you to change anything you want without refilling and deleting and OK'ing stuff. Its cheap and nice to use.  If your going to use one regularly I would recommend buying this one...everything is changeable... rpms can be slid up and props changed along with a change in slip with a click".   (Techno - S&F on-line magazine - July, 2002)
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Hot Boat Magazine - (July 2001) - "The 'TBDP' Version 7' design alternatives and predict your tunnel hull performance under any operating conditions. The software includes impressive on-screen graphics to illustrate predicted trends of over 40 vital performance indicators".
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) RaceBoat International - (July/August 2001) - "The new 'TBDP' Version 7.0' is a powerful computer-aided design technology. This is the only comprehensive predictive performance design and analysis computer software package available specifically for tunnel boats, and is essential for the serious tunnel designer, builder, driver or performance enthusiast".
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Scream & Fly on-line magazine - (August 2001) - This (STBD) book is highly recommended for the casual as well as the serious performance boating enthusiast"

"…once I started reading it, I was hooked. I don't know about most of you, but for a book to keep me glued to its pages for most of the night, it must be good. Secrets Of Tunnel Boat Design takes the reader into domains that are sure to interest even the most dedicated and knowledgeable boating enthusiast. This fantastic book…details the ten design steps for analysis of hull performance and stability… the material covers all levels of technical understanding, from the casual reader to the technical guru".

I would describe (STBD book) as one of the most comprehensive manuals covering tunnel boat design."

[from: "Required Reading: The Secrets Of Tunnel Boat Design - A book review by Greg Terzian - Scream and Fly Magazine, August 2001]"
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes)
Marles Racing Formula One - (July 2001) - Our Formula One team bought the TBDP software to find a plaguing problem, in one of our race hulls, affecting top speed. To our amazement, after months of trial and failure to right the problem, your TBDP software went right to it and gave us the answer. Then just for fun we fed in all the information about our other race hulls and the out come was unbelievable. The software's potential speed calculation had the boats within 2 MPH of there actual top speed readings on radar.  I am quite impressed.  Thank you Jim. 
John Marles, 2000 APBA MOD-U National High Points Champion

click to see full size picture.
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Australian Powerboat - (April/May 1994) - "...the world's first computer software package for the design and performance analysis of Tunnel boats".
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) South African Power Boat and Ski - (February/March 1994) -"Tunnel Boat Design Program Version 4.0 can compare design alternatives and predict performance for a tunnel hull under any conditions".
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) Powerboat Magazine - (October 1994) - "Tunnel Boat Design Program 4.0 for designers and builders of competition hulls the inside track on perfecting racecourse performance"
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) GRW - CA. (Dec 1994) - "I really appreciate the help and support you've given me."
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) WH - West Indies - (October 1997) - "Your 'Tunnel Boat Design Program' is amazing!"
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) BH - Norway (March 1998) - "the 'TBDP' program has given me valuable help in rebuilding some of my powerboats. I look forward to the new upgrade."
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) EVderV - Belgium (August 1999) - "I like the way you do business - quick and to the point."
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) DLB - FL, USA (August 2000) - "I really enjoyed your 'STBD' book. Very concise and gets to the point without alot of fluff...your work will radically reduce the trial and error process...Please rush the TBDP, Version 7.0 software."
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) PR - Ontario, Canada (November 1994) - "Your book and 'TBDP' program continue to be the leading data on Tunnel hull and high performance design."
bd14791_.gif (1115 bytes) OB - Italy (January 1993) - "The 'STBD' book is very interesting, and give to me important information about tunnel boat design. Please order the 'TBDP' software."
  Some Recent Stories by STBD & TBDP/VBDP users...  
  "I purchased the Tunnel Boat Design Program (TBDP) from AeroMarine Research. It is really easy to use and covers just about every detail of what ever hull you are working on...Basically, you enter all of the dimensions/weight placement, power, etc. (there are also templates/examples in the program to compare to) and it will give you max speed, acceleration, stability information (porpoise etc), and you can change the design until you are happy with it." [MW, Ontario, Canada]

"Thanks, I love reading your articles, I really like the "in-depth" material, as apposed to the fluff articles that seem to be out there." - JG, Georgia, USA, July 2014,  

Jim's stuff is 1st class! He and his book helped me a lot in the construction of my SST 120 boat;
Largecar91, Quincy, OH [9/11/2006]

There's very few people that have studied dynamics of hulls and power more than Jim on the planet. He has several books on this subject. I would call Jim to discuss this further to save yourself some setup time.
Whipper, S&F magazine, BC, Canada [10/14/2010]

With this information [STBD book] you could possibly design and build a boat that looked like a Switzer, but worked even better;
[Sam Cullis (Mark75H), Annapolis, MD [9/13/2006]

That program is incredible. Absolutely every variable can be configured, tweaked, optimized - and it's easy to use. A totally comprehensive tool, and a great way to learn for newcomers.
[MM, New York, 10/14/2004]

Thank You, Jim Russell, just got my new STBD book today.  I was blown away by the racing and design history in your book too.  Was intrigued by the patents for (vee & tunnel) bottom designs. This is not a slide rule, chalk board, design geek kinda book...but is more of a "How To" to go fast. Very, very educational!  Well worth the investment ...if you want to see how we got where we are today or to learn what is possible with what you have and help you know what to expect from a tunnel before owning one. Great info in regards to...tunnel Vs Vee bottom performance too.
Gary (Instigator), Ohio, USA

"Fuel for a race weekend - $1000, ZZ4 engine -$5000, 19 ft race tunnel race ready - $45 000,  gaining 6 mph from the "TBDP" software recommendations - PRICELESS".  [Hal Bamping"Shakin not Stirred" race team, AB, Canada, 02-02-2010]

"I highly recommend the TBDP software. It allowed us to build a boat from the ground up without even having to build a prototype first!"
Mike Breslin, Black Widow Customs, Sport C 2004 World Champion

"I have just received the latest release (of TBDP) which you sent to me!  Many thanks!  It really does make life allot easier for me with metric measurements!!  Once again many thanks!! " KK - South Africa

"I've contacted several people in the APBA about getting a set of boat plans for the Class B 1.5 litre mod. Your name just kept coming up!!  After a tour up and down the pits it was your name that was the GO TO guy.  Quite the compliment!!" Kevin - Spokane, WA

"I just got the new Tunnel Boat Design Software. It’s totally awesome. It is even easier to use and get results. It has a great new function I thought every one who is interested in making there boat faster or making a boat from scratch should know about. It now can calculate open deck boats, like Mirages, STV and Hydrostreams, more accurately. It is set up to take all the dimensions of an opened deck boat or capsule. For those of you that don’t know this software enables you to design tunnel boats and run multiple tests finding velocity, top speed, acceleration and power requirements. You actually build the boat with the software and run all the tests. I put my boats into the computer and run the tests, the top speeds calculated were with in a couple of miles an hour of what they actually run. There is nothing more fun than using this software. " -
John Marles, Marles Racing Formula One

"Jim incredible person, and a genius with tunnel boat design. We have him featured in several articles on Scream And Fly, and we tested his software too."
S&F magazine.

"If you want to build/design a big boat like a Wing, just get Jim Russell's design software and go at it"
Mark75H (Sam Cullis), Boat Racing Facts

I'd like to say that it's great having Jim Russell answer questions about recreational boating...if you're not familiar with Jim's background and accomplishments, check out the Aeromarine Research website. -
Igo2c, NewEngland, July 2007

"Thanks again, your Tunnel Boat Design Program took us to a first in Highpoints for 2007 in Twin City Power Boat Association (TCPBA). [Tyler Kuhl,
Kuhl Racing
Nov. 2007]

"Thank you for responding so rapidly. Your site is the best that I have found in more than 2 months of searching for info". - MEC

"Just received the STBD book ! ! ! !  What a read - MAGIC ! ! ! !"  - K

The *NEW* TBDP, Version 8 is the only commercially available computer software product on the market, designed specifically for tunnel boat high performance design and analysis.  

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