Advanced Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics for Powerboats

Performance Boat design and setup secrets for Recreational tunnels, Offshore Cats, Racing tunnels, Fishing/Utility hulls, Vee and Vee-Pad Hulls, Bass Boats
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Performance Secrets for
Tunnel hulls, Vee Hulls and Vee-Pad Hulls
Get these FREE go-fast articles on tunnel boats and vee-hulls by author Jim Russell (Jimboat) [click here]
STBD book "Here is how to make your tunnel hull the best performing, the fastest tunnel hull design possible."
TBDP software
VBDP software
"The best performance powerboat optimization software available to tunnel hull & vee hull builders, designers , owners, drivers."
PropWorks2 software "The best 'What will my propeller do for my boat?' software"
Vee hull articles Free articles and publications for vee hulls
Tunnel hull articles Free articles and publications for tunnel hulls
Feature Publications Jimboat writes performance & technical articles in many worldwide performance powerboat magazines

AeroMarine Research® produces the most unique performance power boat design publications and computer software design packages.  These products are popular throughout the world, and used by some of the world's best recreational and racing tunnel boat builders, modified vee-hull designers, builders, performance owners and racers!  As an example, the AR Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design, the Tunnel Boat Design Software, and Vee Boat Design Software are just what will help perfect your work, and your performance - proven over and over again - in so many different applications!


Leading Research - AR® sustains the most advanced performance powerboat research programs in the industry. Whisker-spray drag analysis, Porpoising prediction, Vee-Pad design optimization, advanced aerodynamics and cavity drag analysis, dynamic stability, accurate performance predictions, hull design optimization, advanced Wind tunnel testing.  AR® developments include unique algorithms that predict highly accurate aerodynamic & hydrodynamic performance and dynamic stability results specific to all types of hulls.


Improve your performance hull - get expert information to improve your race hull, optimize your performance boat. Consulting & Performance Reports available


Free Design Reports - Founder Jim Russell has written design articles and papers on every subject related to powerboat performance, and writes monthly feature articles in several powerboating magazines. You're free to get any of these reports and published magazine articles.

AeroMarine Research
The popular AeroMarine Research publications are specifically tuned to performance Tunnel Boat design, vee-hull performance and similar applications, such as the popular "Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design" book, and the remarkable "Tunnel Boat Design Program" software.  We have been in the forefront of Tunnel hull, modified Vee-hull & Vee-Pad hull design technology for over 2 decades, and have distributed our popular books in over 45 US states and over 40 countries throughout the world. Our state-of-the-art design, research, and testing of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic applications to high performance Tunnel Hulls and modified vee-hulls remains unparalleled anywhere in the world.  This global success is recognition that we are most proud of.

Tunnel Hull & Modified Vee-Hull design
The design of tunnel hull and modified Vee-hull configurations is complex and very time consuming when all of the important design factors are considered. The AR detailed design methods, performance prediction and analysis tools are all based on engineering aerodynamic and hydrodynamic principles, and so are equally applicable to all types and applications of the tunnel hull and recreational modified (VP) tunnel hull design - from working hulls & Fishing boats to OPC ocean racers to F1 sprint racers - to recreational hi-performance hulls - even for RC Model hulls.

The Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design publication by AeroMarine Research will be an outstanding aid to your tunnel boat design activities. The unique design methods are developed by AR and published for high performance Tunnel boat designers and owners. These methods are outlined in complete detail, and form the basis for the powerful Tunnel Boat Design Program, and so the TBDP program itself is best utilized with the STBD.

You'll find that the new 13th edition of the Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design is a remarkably thorough description of how aerodynamic and hydrodynamic forces work together to generate performance characteristics of tunnel designs. It is the only publication that captures such state-of-the-art research analysis and proving through race testing in a single available package. (There are many different designs and design ideas around today, but the other designers that have ideas that work, have done it through great expense, and usually aren't about to publish their successes).  [check out free articles by Jimboat here]

Vee hull and Vee-Pad Hull design - the books and software all address advanced design techniques for design,  performance prediction and performance enhancement for Vee hulls and Vee-Pad hulls too!  Optimizing speed, handling and dynamic stability - even porpoising prediction and correction; chine-walking correction tips.  See the FREE articles by Jimboat and the complete packages in AR's books and software.  [check out free articles by Jimboat here]


[check out free publications by Jimboat here]

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> Jimboat writes Feature article for HB April '04 Feature - 'Flight Path'

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Get these FREE go-fast articles on tunnel boats and vee-hulls by author Jim Russell (Jimboat)
[click here]

F1 Champion 'Mark Rotharmel' says..."The author combines practical experience with his extensive engineering, analytical and literary skills to help us understand each and every aspect of what it takes to succeed in building these phenomenal powerboats".  

Long-time powerboat designer Morley Smith (Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers) says..."Tremendous, terrific, great, and have combined a tremendous amount of research with an excellent writing approach so that it is easy for the reader to understand just what you are saying".

Original Switzer Wing designer, Bob Switzer (SwitzerCraft boats, IL) says..."Jim, I really want to tell you how much I enjoyed re-reading your book 'Secrets of Tunnel boat Design'! "

Publisher of Sream and Fly on-line performance magazine, Greg Terzian says..."Jim Russell is the best there is and Helmut and I have always been guided by his knowledge and experience.  [G. Terzian, Dec 2013]

The Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design
The STBD chronicles the History of Performance and Tunnel Hull designs in much detail, in Part I. In Part II, our years of design and testing research are explained in easy-to-understand language. Finally, step-by-step design and performance analysis methods are outlined in Part III, showing actual design calculations, complete with examples every step of the way!  The new 13th edition STBD© book now includes: "History of Tunnel Boat Design"; "Design of Propellers"; "History of the Modified Vee hull";  "History of the WIG (Wing in Ground Effect)"; "10 Steps to performance powerboat design".  "Now in it's 13th edition, (STBD) explores the history of tunnel boat design and provides thorough information on layout, design dimensions calculating lift and drag, power calculations and stability" [reprinted from Powerboat Magazine, January 2003]

The AR methods for design and analysis have been thoroughly tested and proven through dramatic successes on the race course (first place finishes in many North American APBA races, and the Canadian National Championship with design based purely on AR methods!)


Tunnel Boat Design Program
The Tunnel Boat Design Program and the Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design, are primarily focused on Tunnel hulls, and Mod-VP style V-bottom hull designs. Our unique technology is really quite advanced, and remarkably accurate. The TBDP is a unique IBM PC-based program designed specifically for the design and analysis of high performance Tunnel hulls.

The TBDP is the only commercially available computer software product on the market, designed specifically for tunnel boat high performance design and analysis.  The TBDP® contains sophisticated proprietary formulae developed by AeroMarine Research specifically for high performance tunnel boat design, for all applications. While generating detailed performance related graphics, the TBDP is not used to produce "pretty pictures" of tunnel hulls. (Drawing hulls is a very simple operation that is available with many "generic" drafting packages, or easily done manually). It solves the complex engineering design and analysis that ordinarily presents the difficult and expensive challenge to high performance tunnel hull designers, builders and racers.

Vee Boat Design Program
The Vee Boat Design Program (VBDP©) is a PC-based computer program that makes the analysis and design of vee hulls and vee-pad hulls extraordinarily fast and simple. The VBDP®  incorporates the same design approach as documented in the TBDP® software, in our technical Vee hull & Vee pad hull design papers, and in the Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design book (©1982-2010).  The VBDP® program is now included as a full-featured part of the the popular Tunnel Boat Design Program (TBDP®) including detailed calculation methods that are the key to proper vee hull design.

The VBDP® is the only commercially available computer software product on the market, designed specifically for tunnel boat high performance design and analysis.  The VBDP® contains sophisticated proprietary formulae developed by AeroMarine Research specifically for high performance tunnel boat design, for all applications. Like it's brother (TBDP®) while generating detailed performance related graphics, the VBDP® is not used to produce "pretty pictures" of vee hulls.  It solves the complex engineering design and analysis that ordinarily presents the difficult and expensive challenge to high performance vee & vee pad hull designers, builders and racers.

History of Tunnel Boat Design
The "History of Tunnel Boat Design" book presents the best detailed accounting of how we got these high performance hulls from the unpredictable risky boats to the super fast handlers of today. With 200 mph now in reach, the design relationships with aerodynamics and hydrodynamics will let you achieve the ultimate in your tunnel hull design - but you need to know how and why your boat works like it does. This book relates how the best marine designers of their day, worked their way through the difficulties presented by these complex hull designs. This is a "must have" collector book for serious boat designers or enthusiasts.  Includes the "History of the Modified Vee hull"; and  "History of the WIG (Wing in Ground Effect)"

Secrets of Propeller Design

The publication "Secrets of Propeller Design" shows how a propeller works to optimize your hull design/setup.  Includes sections on fundamentals of propeller design, Pitch, Rake, Skew, Venting, Cupping, Propeller Types, Fundamentals of Cavitation, Ventilation, Blowout, Slip, Nosecones, Labbing, Gearcase design, Surface Drives, and Speed Calculation formula. 

The "Secrets of Propeller Design" book ("History & Design of Propellers") presents 80 pages & 75 photos/illustrations as a detailed accounting of propeller design history,  how the first "screw" applications were invented, and how they led to early ship propulsion. Outlining "How a Propeller Works", parts and functions of a properly designed propeller, including material selection and "advanced propping" techniques, cupping, gearcase design and nosecone application is outlined. Speed prediction formulae and propeller selection methods. This is a "must have" book for serious boaters, designers and enthusiasts that have "a need to know".

Secrets of Propeller Design   "I highly recommend the book Secrets Of Propeller Design by Jim Russell. He has the answers to your type of questions. The book will help you out immensely in finding what works best for you and understanding what's going on under the motor"..."That book is AWESOME! I bring it work leave it by the computer at home and read it over and over. There's so much useful info there". [James "Whipper", Prince George B.C. Canada, Oct 2009]

This is a "must have" book for serious boaters, designers and enthusiasts that have "a need to know".[Scream and Fly on-line magazine, Feb 2006]

PropWorks2 Software for Propeller Selection and Speed Prediction
his software can help you optimize performance  PROPELLER selection.  Features include a complete database of all major outboard specs, calculates effects of propeller "cupping", calculates effects of propeller "slip", easy "dial-in" RPM settings, all engine gear ratios are built in, just select your motor!
  "AeroMarine prop program is real nice. It's a lot better than any of the online calculators. Change one item and keep all the others without refilling them out. Not too bad on price. I think it's worth it.  The RPM is a slider so you can just keep bumping it up to see the result. Shows both calculated and slip speed. You select the slip %." [Techno - S&F on-line magazine - June, 2003)"]

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"Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design" book!
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"TBDP Version 8" Software                     "VBDP Version 8" Software                      "PropWorks2" software

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