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TBDP©/VBDP© Design Compare Analysis
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Figure 1- TBDP©/VBDP© Graphic COMPARE feature shows all performance Results - comparing NEW design to BASE design. It's easy to see if your changes result in desired performance improvements.

Vee Pad Compare Example
Figure 2 - Easily compare 2 design/setup arrangements. Here is our example that compares a 18ft/250hp standard 22 degree vee hull design to our 'modified' design after adding a 'center pad' to our hull design.

Vee Pad Compare Example
Figure 3- The Custom-Compare Report shows us the 'bottom-line' performance results, comparing the BEFORE and AFTER design/setup configurations.

Vee Pad Compare Example
Figure 4-VBDP© 'Performance Compare' Graphic Results screens show BEFORE and AFTER comparison of 50+ performance measures through the full velocity range.

VBDP V8 'Design Compare' example - "Vee Pad modification Analysis video

    The Design-to-Design Comparison feature of TBDP©/VBDP© (Version 8) allows you to easily compare all performance characteristics of a 'base design' to a new 'alternative' design.  We can easily view, in graphic format, performance differences between the new design/setup and a 'base' design.

We have developed a powerful 'Performance Analysis Compare' technique that allows designers to see the performance impacts of one or many design/setup changes.  The method easily compares the changes to your 'base' design, by presenting all performance results in a graphic format that shows BOTH the 'before' and 'after' design/setup changes.

This 'Performance Analysis Compare' technique is useful for any tunnel hull or vee hull design, for changes to any design or setup feature that you'd desire to compare.  It's an easy way to 'test' your design/setup modifications BEFORE you make any 'cut' changes to your real boat, or BEFORE you commit your newest design to a final boat!

Here's a simple example (see Figure 2 - Figure 4) of just how easy the 'Performance Analysis Compare' technique is to use in TBDP©/VBDP© software.

We're testing the performance improvements when we add a 'vee-pad' to our standard 'deep vee' design hull.  Here's the steps we used for our example...

1. Input design & setup features of our 18ft, 250 hp outboard with standard 22 degree 'deep vee' hull (Figure 2).
2. Complete VBDP© 'Performance Analysis' for the 'base design and 'save' as our 'base design'.
3. Input the design changes to add a 'center-pad' to our vee hull design.
4. Complete a new VBDP© 'Performance Analysis' for the  new 'modified design' (with the vee-pad added).
Results show us:

  • 'Bottom line' Performance Results in the 'Custom-Compare Report' (Figure 3)
  • Graphic 'Performance Compare' graphic results, showing the BEFORE and AFTER comparison of 50+ performance measures, throughout the full velocity range (Figure 4).

How it Works

In our Vee-Pad Modification example, our 'Custom Compare Report' shows us directly, that our addition of a 'center-pad' to our 'base design' vee hull generates performance results of +4.8mph faster at top speed (Figure 4). In the Performance Graphic Results screens, we can see the performance comparison through the full operating velocity range (15mph to 82mph), and the differences in all performance characteristics between the 2 compared designs.

-also see the video
"VBDP© Design Compare Feature Example - Vee Pad Modification Analysis".

Research results now included in performance analysis by TBDP©/VBDP©

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