Advanced Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics for Powerboats

Performance Boat design and setup secrets for Recreational tunnels, Offshore Cats, Racing tunnels, Fishing/Utility hulls, Vee and Vee-Pad Hulls, Bass Boats
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TBDP V8, "Auto 123 Performance Analysis video


TBDP V8, "Quick Design Wizard video

TBDP/VBDP "Design Compare" Feature
Vee Pad Compare Example

Motor Wizard
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research
[Over + OEM engine specifications built-in with TBDP]

Drive Unit Selection
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research

[Calculates drag of any lower unit design]

Quick Design Wizard
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research
[Quickly create a design by selecting one of the 'standard' tunnel or vee hull configurations]

Aerofoil Shapes

Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research
[Configure tunnel aerodynamic shape]

Sponson Type Selection
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research
[Configure sponson shapes]
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research Features - TBDP© and VBDP© Version 8
High Performance Software for Tunnel Hulls and performance Vee Hulls
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new.gif Now Released
[Latest Updates] [Standard Features] [What's New in Ver 8 Summary]
"This is the Best TBDP©/VBDP© release ever!"

Windows 7, 8, 10, XP

Accurate Prediction of Velocity; Dynamic Stability; Trim Angle; Accelleration & Elapsed Time; Power required, all components of Lifts, Drags, coefficients; Porpoising; wetted areas & lengths; CG calculations; Center of Pressure, propeller sizing and more.

Flexible for use with ALL types and sizes of Tunnel and Vee hulls (see typical users)

EasyAuto 1-2-3 Analysis for highly accurate performance prediction of your boat. [click here to see how it works] OR [VIDEO - click here for "Auto 123 Performance Analysis video]

Ten (10) Wizard Design Features; New Motor Selection Wizard; Miscellaneous Weight Wizard; Angle Increment Calculator; Quick Design Wizard; WAngle Calc Wizard; Deadrise Wizard; Power Calc Wizard; Velocity Calc Wizard; Propeller Wizard; Quick Lift Wizard, and Complete Wizard HELP Tutorial.

Porpoise Analysis - XPorpoise is an engineering tool developed by AR that helps predict your hull's inherent instabilities leading to porpoising. The technique is based on a unique Savitsky method of hydrodynamic prediction of the critical porpoise trim angle (CPA) for various hull/setup configurations and velocities. TBDP©VBDP© can predict when the hull is susceptible to porpoising and when it is performing in a stable regime.  CLICK here to see more about Porpoise Analysis!

Free Expert Performance Analysis Reports - show how you can apply expertise to your design/setup.  Full sample Reports of TBDP©/VBDP© performance analysis of typical hull designs - American Offshore AO3100, STV Euro19, Cougar 21MTR , Charger 16DL Vee-Pad and Prowler 246 boats - using TBDP© software with complete output data.  See some of the powerful analytical & reporting capabilities of TBDP©/VBDP© as used by Professional designers.

Lift and Drag distribution of all lift/drag components can be easily reviewed and analyzed by using the animated Chart view, showing values OR percentage (%) of each Lift (or Drag) component as they change throughout the operating Velocity Range.

Motor Design Wizard to easily specify the dimensional information for your setup.  Just select your OEM engine manufacturer and highlight your model from the over + listed.  The published manufacturers specifications (old and new) are all there - correct MaxHP, Height, Weight, RPM and gear ratio will be automatically input to TBDP.   Includes specs for Mercury, Merc Hi-Performance, OMC, BRP, Evinrude, Johnson, Yamaha, Suzuki, Nissan, Honda, Tohatsu, Mariner, MerCruiser, Volvo-Penta, Steyr and more!.  [Check out MORE about the AR Motor Design Wizard database!

Performance Report Wizards provide a unique design-based summary of key performance characteristics, including highlighting of important performance & design features and setup situations that may benefit from consideration or correction. This is a unique report for your design that can be over 2000+ words of performance wisdom! [click to see sample screen]

Step Design- inputs for single or multiple steps, with Step design, analysis and performance reporting.

Propeller sizing is approximated based on your motor specifications and performance requirements. Engine RPM is predicted by TBDP/VBDP based on your design, setup parameters and operating performance; your predicted propeller pitch is calculated and displayed with recommendations. [click to see sample screen]

Graphic Performance Results - Performance Results are presented in Graphic format, for easy review. All the key (50+) performance indicators are shown on-screen in engineering graphic format using the GRAPH option. This powerful option allows you to see the trend of each performance indicator through the range of specified operating velocities; shows the changes of every Performance characteristic as the hull design simulation accelerates through the full velocity range. [Click here to view ALL of the on-screen Graphic Outputs]

Quick Design Wizard makes it easy to obtain a generalized design by selecting one of the 'standard' performance tunnel hull and power catamaran design styles. The dimensional and setup design arrangements for your selected hull type will be automatically applied to all the design input fields. [click to see sample screen]

Drive Unit Wizard - Calculates hydrodynamic Drag of any lower unit design and includes standard design specs for 50+ OEM drives and ability to calculate for ANY drive design - does all the calcs for 1, 2 or 3 drive configurations - and lot's more! [click here for more details]

Elapsed Time maps and Acceleration curve graphics are now produced from the complex dynamic data that is generated by the TBDP/VBDP software. [click here for more details]

Design Performance Comparisons are NOW easy, with the  the Dual Graphic Performance presentation.  Automatically compare the performance trends of your 'new' design trial modifications to your 'base' design, with the Graphic Comparison mode.  Is the new design 'better'? Is it faster?  Is stability improved? It's easy to see now!  Makes it EXTRA EASY to see exactly how the design changes affect performance in all areas. [click to see sample]

HELP system - full context-sensitive Help, one-click help buttons on every screen, HTML content Help Search features compatible with Win7/8/10 Help systems. [click to see sample]

Imperial or Metric Units feature - automatic conversion of all input and output data with the click of a button. TBDP conforms to both Imperial (ft-lb-mph) units and Metric (m-kg-kph) units. A simple click on the menu 'Change Design Units' and the units on all screens automatically change from Imperial to metric - or from metric to Imperial. [see sample screen for control]

Variable Deadrise- inputs for variable deadrise sponsons or vee surfaces.

Aerofoil shape and configuration alternatives are available, based on extensive research using NACA shape characteristics, thickness, aspect ratio, height above surface, with tunnel hull configurations and loadings. [click for Aerofoil design selection]

Environment Conditions - Enhanced analysis adjusts lift/drag and coefficients for changes in air temperature, altitude, humidity, water temperature and water type (fresh/sea).

Spray Rails and Lifting Strakes - analysis of Spray Rails and Lifting Strakes, based on Jim Russell's engineering design paper and published article. Includes Below-Chine Spray Rails (deflectors) for Whisker Spray reduction, and Above-Chine spray rails and effects on Sheer (friction) Spray Drag.

Automatic BlowOver check too much angle of attack (Wangle) can create a condition of greater lift than weight, causing blowover. A new feature will check for this condition, if you desire, and correct the WAngle during a Velocity Optimization performance check.

Whisker Spray - advanced hydrodynamics and Whisker Spray drag analysis gives highly accurate drag contributions to powerboat performance predictions & optimization. [click to see details]

Cavity Drag - Advanced aerodynamics and cavity drag analysis gives highly accurate cockpit/cowling drag contributions to powerboat performance. [click to see details]

Sponson Type - Asymmetrical and Symmetrical sponson designs available using TBDP Sponson Type selection feature.

Head Wind and Tail Wind Velocity simulations!

Trim Tabs - analysis of Trim Tabs, based on Jim Russell's engineering design paper and published article. Accounts for Trim Tab Width, Tab Length and Tab Deflection.

Color printing of 50+ performance graphs!

Elapsed Time maps and Acceleration curve graphics are now produced from the complex dynamic data that is generated by the TBDP/VBDP software.

Features - Your performance hull design analysis now considers performance and stability effects of Center Pod, multiple steps, selectable aerofoil shapes, cockpit configurations, lifting strakes, spray rails, trim tabs - even single or multiple drive train configurations - and lot's more!

Cockpit/cowling/fairing - multiple design configurations to select from, including Open, Covered, Race Canopy, even a Cuddy Cabin Cockpit options added to design considerations.

This is the ONLY software specifically for design, performance analysis and setup of tunnel hulls and performance Vee hulls!

It's as easy as 1-2-3 to get the highly accurate performance prediction of your boat. [click here to see how it works] OR [click here for the TBDP V8, "Auto 123 Performance Analysis video]

...MUCH MORE....see the full list of NEW V8.6 features

...PLUS...includes all the other new Version 8.0 features...

*** "I loaded the (new TBDP/VBDP) Version 8 and I'm really impressed. There's a lot of us out here that are thankful for the work you're doing!" [JW, Washington, USA - Nov 2016]

*** "We purchased the TBDP software and worked with Jim...and we gained 6 mph - thanks!' [Hal Bamping, "Shakin' not Stirred" Race Team - Feb 2010]

*** American Offshore uses the TBDP for design and performance analysis"...[Hot Boat - May 2000]

*** "I just got the new Tunnel Boat Design Software.  It's totally awesome! [Marles Racing Formula One]

Performance Results Graphs(50+)
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research

[Click to view ALL on-screen Graphic Outputs]

Performance Output Screens (3)
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research

Porpoise Analysis
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research
[Click to enlarge]

Lift/Drag Compare
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research
[View ALL resulting Lift & Drag contributions]

Performance Report Wizard
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research

Elapsed Time Map & Acceleration Curve
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research
[Click here to enlarge]

Report Printouts
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research

Free Expert Performance Analysis Reports
Tunnel Boat Design Software by AeroMarine Research


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