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Propeller Selection & Speed Prediction
USD$69.00 Order
Computer software that PREDICTS your boat speed



Features Include:
  Complete OEM MOTOR database of over major outboard & inboard specifications - includes 2016 specs
- calculates effects of propeller "cupping"
- calculates effects of propeller "slip"
- easy "dial-in" RPM settings
- all OEM
MaxHP, Height, Weight, RPM and gear ratio are built in - just select your motor!
- COMPLETE on-line HELP manual and HELP screens

High Performance Powerboat SPEED PREDICTION PropWorks2 software

Optimize performance PROPELLER Selection
Engine Spec's for all major OEM's (Motor Wizard©)
V2.4 has COMPLETE on-line HTML HELP manual and HELP screens [Win7/8/10 compatible]
Windows software - USD $69

Includes NEW MotorWizard© database of over OEM engine specs

What others say...
..."AeroMarine prop program is real nice. It's a lot better than any of the online calculators. Change one item and keep all the others without refilling them out. Not too bad on price. I think it's worth it.  The RPM is a slider so you can just keep bumping it up to see the result. Shows both calculated and slip speed. You select the slip %." [Techno - S&F Online magazine - June, 2003]
..."This (prop calculator) allows you to change anything you want without refilling and deleting and OK'ing stuff. Its cheap and nice to use.  If your going to use one regularly I would recommend buying this one...everything is changeable... rpms can be slid up and props changed along with a change in slip with a click".   (S&F on-line magazine - July, 2002)
..."I highly recommend the book Secrets Of Propeller Design by Jim Russell. He has the answers to your type of questions. The book will help you out immensely in finding what works best for you and understanding what's going on under the motor". [S&F magazine - "Whipper", Prince George B.C. Canada]
PropWorks2 by AeroMarine ResearchNEW!
Version 2.4
with new features, easier data selection, NEW 2016 MotorWizard® and on-line HELP manual.
Huge 2016 Motor Wizard selection database
(with over outboard & inboard engine specifications)

Full featured  On-Line HTML HELP [Win7/8/10 compatible]
(click to see full screen) (click to see full screen) (click to see full screen)


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about Jim Russell

secrets_of_tunnel_boat_desi.gif (53x73 -- 21190 bytes)13th edition
"Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design" book!
history_sm.gif (53x73 -- 6480 bytes)"History of Tunnel Boat Design" book! "Secrets of Propeller Design" book!

"TBDP Version 8" Software                     "VBDP Version 8" Software                      "PropWorks2" software

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Chrome Propeller Hitch
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Special pricing updated February 16, 2018
Contact us at:
AeroMarine Research®
67 Highland Crescent, Cambridge, ON, Canada, N1S1M1
Tel: 519-622-3987

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