Advanced Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics for Powerboats

Performance Boat design and setup secrets for Recreational tunnels, Offshore Cats, Racing tunnels, Fishing/Utility hulls, Vee and Vee-Pad Hulls, Bass Boats
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Performance Reports:
Charger 16DL Vee Hull Perf. Analysis Report STV Euro19 Perf. Analysis Report
Cougar Perf. Analysis Report Renaissance Prowler 246 Perf. Analysis
American Offshore Perf. Analysis Report  
Reviews, Articles  
Scream&Fly magazine's TBDP© Evaluation Article(pdf) Carlson's (free) 3D hull drawing program
Scream&Fly magazine's STBD© book review (pdf) Koh's (free) FreeCad motion program
  Nasa/Glenn Aerofoil Simulated Flow Illustration program
  Design Workshop LIte (free) drawing program
ODBA Rule Book (2008) BioDesign FREE 3d drawing editor
UIM 2008 COMPLETE Rules manual CADStd Cad Standard FREE drawing program
UIM 2005/2006 Yearbook (and archived years) PolyCAD (free) marine drawing program
Madison's 'Convert' - all units conversion program LISA 4.0.1 Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Software
USDA Forest Services's Wood Handbook Spring Checklist - Powerboat Pre-Launch
BY LAWS of the American Power Boat Association Dirty Little Secrets of Hull Design, by Stephen Hollister
2004 International Racing Calendar Winzip/Acrobat/RealPlayer programs
2005 RYA (UK) Racing Calendar
FREE!ship 2.3 from Sourceforge Tunnel Boat Performance News (TBPNews) newsletter archives


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