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Tunnel Hull design - technical articles  & reports:

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TBPNews Newsletters

TBPNews newsletters, by Jim Russell, P.Eng.

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Jan 15, 2017
  Torrente Wins F1H2O Sharja, but Chiappe Wins UIM Championship, World's First Permanent Multi-Purpose Powerboat Racing Facility, Feature Article-'What a Difference an Inch Makes', Video - F4 Tunnels, 2-boat Blowover
Dec 15, 2016
  Hall-of-Fame Legend Renato Molinari Joins Emirates F1H2O Racing Team, Vee Pad Analysis - Does a Pad make my Vee hull Faster?, Video - Bluebird Project Update
Nov 15, 2016
  Outerlimits Building First Outboard-Powered SL41, Renato 'Sonny' Levi – Father of Modern Powerboat Design Dies, Feature Article - 'Hook & Rocker', Video - High Speed ModVP Crash
Oct 15, 2016
  Al Hameli 'Back on Track' After Winning F1H2O in Liuzhou, Ken and David Warby prepare for attempt at World Water Speed Record, Feature Article - Porpoise Analysis, Video - Hydroplane Crash
Sept 15, 2016
  Sami Selio Wins First F1H2O Grand Prix in Harbin China, 114 mph Pontoon Record at Ozarks Shootout, 2016 Cowes Torquay Cowes Race, Video - 1966 EVINRUDE V4 Outboard World Record Starflite IV Hydro
Aug 15, 2016
  Victory Team Make it 3-in-a-Row at 2016 XCat Lugano GP, Torrente's Mistake Hands Carella a Solid Victory F1H2O in Evian, FEATURE: "Vee Pad Performance Analysis", Video - Mercury Lake X, NASA style
July 15, 2016
  Miss GEICO Wins in Sarasota, Yamaha's New F350 Outboard has 5yr Warranty, "Spray Rails and Lifting Strakes", Video - 1974 Bristol Embassy Grand Prix
Jun 15, 2016
  Tim Seebold Wins Opening Round of US F1 Series, Solar Splash 2016, 6 Steps for Performance Propeller Testing, Video-World Outboard Championship, Lake Havasu 1979
May 15, 2016
  Chiappe and F1 China CTIC Win Rouen 24Hr, Miss GEICO Racing Retools for Comeback Season, FEATURE: "Why Does My Boat Porpoise?", Video-Tunnel Blow-over at 2016 24Hrs of Rouen
Apr 15, 2016
  Powerboat Historian Fred Farley Dies at 71, Tim Seebold Partners with NGK Spark Plugs for Last Lap Tour, FEATURE: "Propeller Slip, Myths And Truths Explained", Video-The History of Tunnel Boat Racing
Mar 15, 2016
  Safety remains top priority for XCAT Series in 2016; CTIC China Team’s Phillipe Chiappe romps home in F1H2O Dubai; FEATURE-"How does Deadrise Affect a Vee Pad?"; Video-Record Breakers
Feb 15, 2016
  MIAMI 2016-Mercury Marine debuts new outboards, 7 Venues Lined up for 2016 XCat Calendar, Feature Article-"Why do Boats Create Rooster Tails?",Video-World Outboard Championship-Lake Havasu 1979
Jan 15, 2016
  Marit Stromoy Becomes First Women To Win F1 H2O; Mercury’s new four-stroke ROS; Feature Article - "Is Fresh OR Salt Water Faster"; Video - World's Fastest Outboard in 1958
Dec 15, 2015
  Chiappe Wins Second Straight F1 H2O Title With 2nd Place Finish, Safehaven Marine launches Barracuda SV11 stealth boat, Feature Article - "How a Pad Makes a Vee-hull Faster", Video - The History of Tunnel Boat Racing
Nov 15, 2015
  Mercury Racing 400Rs on Skater 32, Records tumble at Coniston Records Week, Feature Article - "Attitude Adjustment" - How to Optimize your trim, Video - 2013 Bill Seebold His Racing Story
Oct 15, 2015
  Chiappe Cruises To His First Ever F1 Victory In China, Feature Article - What's Weighing You Down?, Power boat racers from Dubai crash during Gold Coast event
Mar 17, 2014
  Carella Wins For First Time on Home Waters in Doha; Helicat 22 at Miami; Outer Limits to Launch Assault On V-bottom Kilo Record; NEW Tunnel Boat/Vee Boat Design Program software, Version 8.0 RELEASED!
TBPNews#162 -Feb 12, 2014   Thailand�s Outrageous Form Of Drag Boat Racing; How a Pad Makes a Vee Hull Faster; Mercury Racing - The Glorious Story of Little Red; FEATURE: "How Deadrise Affects Vee-Hull Performance" (Part 2)"
TBPNews#161 -Jan 5, 2014   Solar-Powered Boat Makes Unmanned Transatlantic Journey; Carella/Torrente 1-2 Finish in 2013 UIM F1 H2O World Championship; FEATURE: "How Deadrise Affects Vee-Hull Performance"
TBPNews#158 -Feb 20, 2013   Mercury 1650 Race Engine Unveiled; AMG and Cigarette Racing produce the world's fastest and most powerful electric boat; Powerboat P1 USA launches P1 AquaX Jet Ski Series in the Unites States; FEATURE: "We Know Jack" - Move Your Outboard Up & Out With a Jack Plate To Increase Performance"
TBPNews#157 -Dec 11, 2012   Fred Kiekhaefer To Leave Mercury Racing; Al Qamzi Wins For Team Abu Dhabi In F1H2O Sharjah; BRP Launches new Evinrude E-TEC 135 H.O. outboard; FEATURE: "Winterizing Your Performance Outboard Engine (Part 2)"
TBPNews#155 -Oct 29, 2012   Torrente Crahses, Carella Wins in Liuzhou, China F1H2O; Weymouth powerboat crash-Mike Lovell dies from injuries; Mercury introduces M Series inflatable boats; FEATURE: "Winterizing Your Performance Outboard Engine (Part 1)"
TBPNews#154 -Sep 09, 2012   Fury wins Cowes Torquay 2012 Powerboat Race; Ethanol serves as unnatural gas for boaters; OptiMax Powers Johnsson to UIM Offshore 3C Championships; FEATURE: "Flight Path" - Lift - Where Does It Come From?"
TBPNews#153 -Aug 09, 2012   Selio Wins In A Stunner On Day Two In Kiev; Jim Drake, Co-Inventor of the "Windsurfer" Dies at 83; David, Oberto win Seafair hydro race for third straight year; FEATURE: "How Does Deadrise Affect a Vee-Pad?"
TBPNews#152 -Jul 09, 2012   Dave Villwock and U-1 Spirit of Qatar win Madison Unlimited Hydroplane Race; Carella Holds Off Al Hameli for Second F1H2O Win in Kazan, Russia; Solar Splash World Championship 2012; FEATURE: "Don't Spray! - Spray Rail Design for Performance Boats"
TBPNews#151 -May 31, 2012   Hydroplane innovator, owner Fred Leland dies; Mercury Sweeps Rouen 2012!; FEATURE: "What a Blowout!" - Gearcase/Propeller Blowout Causes and Cures
TBPNews#150 -Apr 30, 2012   Fazza wins Fujairah 2012 UIM X-CAT World Powerboat Series; Powerboats Flip on Wellington Harbour; FEATURE: "Can Sport Tunnels (& Modified Vees) Blow Over?"
TBPNews#149 -Mar 31, 2012   Hameli Has Perfect Day To Win F1 H2O Torrente stars to 4th In Qatar; P1 SuperStock USA Championship series dates announced; FEATURE: "Tammy Wolf is First North American Woman at 24 Hours of Rouen"
TBPNews#148 -Feb 28, 2012   New Engines for Formula 1 H20 boats; UIM X-Cat World Powerboat Series heads to Dubai; FEATURE: "Why do Boats Create Rooster Tails?"
TBPNews#147 -Jan 31, 2012   Carella's 2011 World Title Turns a New Page in F1 H2O Series; Family of powerboat racer to file wrongful death lawsuit; FEATURE: "Tunnel Tabs"
TBPNews#146 -Dec 14, 2011   Singapore's Marina Bay Launch For F1 Nations Cup, Simulator technology to help 2012 Powerboat Festival, FEATURE: Carella Wins Abu Dhabi F1, Shaun Torrente Crashes Out, but back in Sharjah
TBPNews#145 -Oct 28, 2011   Docudrama on Legendary Boat Racing Team Nearing Completion; Mercury Builds The Ultimate 150 Four Stroke; FEATURE: "Propeller Testing"; Powerboat P1 Calls For Move Away From 'Chequebook Racing'
TBPNews#144 -Sept 27, 2011   Ziggy & Charlie Strang Elected To 2011 UIM F1 Hall Of Fame; Oberto breezes to Seafair Unlimited victory; FEATURE: "Why Does My Boat Porpoise?"; P1 SuperStock champions crowned in Liverpool
TBPNews#143 -Aug 24, 2011   Cigarette-The legend scales even greater heights; Miss Canada IV race boat celebrated at homecoming; FEATURE: "Why Does a "Pad" Make a Vee-hull Faster?"; UIM European GT15 Championship 2011 in Estonia
TBPNews#142 -Jul 29, 2011   Inflatable boat racing is coming to Canada; Rough weather fails to stop Torbay Classic; FEATURE: "2011 Solar Splash" - World Championship Intercollegiate Solar/Electric Boating; Dave Villwock passes up Bill Muncey to set all-time career win mark in Unlimited Hydroplane racing
TBPNews#141 -Jul 4, 2011   Bonnier Acquires Powerboat - Powerboat magazine Shelved, David, Oberto winner after crash at Unlimited Madison Regatta, Speed demon Jordan is on top of the world, FEATURE: Powerboat Superleague 2011 Season Preview
TBPNews#140 -May 19, 2011   Scariest Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me in a Hydroplane, Third Class of UIM F1 H2O ''Hall Of Fame'' Nominees Set, UAE Wooden Powerboat Championships, FEATURE: 24 Hours of Rouen 2011 - Still Kickin'
TBPNews#139 -Apr 29, 2011   VICTORY Celebrate UIM Class 1 Win - Double in Abu Dhabi; Improved Gearcase for Big Mercury Verados; Ethanol Report on Boat Racing;
FEATURE: Exclusive Interview with Shaun Torrente - F1 Star
TBPNews#138 -Mar 6, 2011   Battle of the XCats; Jay Price wins UIM F1 in Doha Qatar; New venture for Reggie Fountain;
FEATURE: "Flight Path" - "Lift � where does it come from?�
TBPNews#137 -Feb 7, 2011   P1 to revolutionise powerboat racing with new boat & BRP 250HO E-Tec engine, North American Champ Shaun Torrente Joins F1 Team Sweden, FEATURE: 'What a difference an inch makes" - Tunnel height and how it works to our performance advantage
TBPNews#136 -Dec 6, 2010   UAE pair retains the world Class 1 crown, Jay Price Wins For First Time In Doha F1, FEATURE: 'Winterizing Your Performance Outboard Engine' (Part 2)
TBPNews#133 -Dec 15, 2009   Selio Wins; Cappellini's 3rd Gives Him his 10th UIM F1 Title, Two drivers killed at Dubai Grand Prix, FEATURE: 'Winterizing Your Performance Outboard Engine' (Part 2), Formula Two Boats Featured on 2010 PROP Tour, Al Copeland Jr.'s Phenomenon - fastest powerboat
TBPNews#132 -Nov 19, 2009   Seebold Looking to Roar Back in 2010, F1 driver Craig Bailer blows over, FEATURE: 'Winterizing Your Performance Outboard Engine' (Part 1), Navy's newest warships top out at more than 50 mph, Formula Four Races Into P1 Series
TBPNews#131 -Oct 12, 2009   Blue Sheets Racing Take Zapcat Title; Formula One PROP Tour Returns in 2010; Fountain Powerboats/Chapter 11; Jonas Andersson Wins In Liuzhou Now Leads F1 Championship; Shaun Torrente Clinches 2009 Champboat Championship
TBPNews#130 -Jun 2, 2009   Powers Top Nine Finishers at 24 Heures de Rouen 2009; Magic/Sleekcraft Boatbuilder Closes its Doors; Quad Yamaha V8 Power Selected for Tassie Eco Tours; St. Louis Grand Prix Cancelled for 2009; Genmar files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection; NEW Powerboat Design Software V7.10 Released!
TBPNews#129 -Apr 8, 2009   24 Heures Motonautiques de Rouen 2009; New 2009 Race Schedules; New Mercury OptiMax 200XS Race Models for 2010; F1 Portugal - Al Hameli Wins From Pole; ABRA Officially Drops San Diego From 2009 Schedule
TBPNews#128 -Mar 19, 2009   UIM F1 World Tour Hall of Fame Lap of Honour unveiled; Statement Marine Unveils New Design at Miami Boat Show; Victorian man killed in Australian speed boat crash; Bontoft Named Electric Boat Racing World-Record Holder
TBPNews#127 -Feb 12, 2009   Cowes Torquay Cowes Classic Powerboat Racing; Fountain Faces Uncertain Future; Restoring Bluebird K7- Request to change speed limit
TBPNews#126 -Jan 20, 2009   Mercury Racing Powers Team Amsoil to New Cat Lite World Speed Record; Feature Article - "Why does a Pad make a Vee-hull faster?"; ChampBoat 2009 Season Campaign Calendar; American Powerboat Television Launched
TBPNews#125 -Dec 20, 2008   Dubai International Marine Club severs ties with UIM; Feature Article "Aerodynamic Lift - Where Does It Come From?" ; Jay Price /Team Qatar win F1 World Title
TBPNews#124 -Dec 1, 2008   Live Webstream for UIM F1 World Championships; Feature Article "Tunnel Tabs"; Spectacular Fip Not Enough to Stop Champ and Evinrude E-Tec; 2008 Zapcat Champions Announced Following Appeal
TBPNews#123 -Nov 20, 2008   Selio Earns Victory F1 China; Feature Article "Why is it 'Starboard' and 'Port'?"; Seebold/Tomlinson win Superboat Unlimited; Tim Seebold Wins ChampBoat GP Naples; Vella 2008 Australian F1 Champion; Feature - "STV Euro-19 Report"
TBPNews#122 -Oct 22, 2008   Price Wins in China F1; Feature Article "Can Sport Tunnels Blow Over?"; Fountain Wins Second Consecutive P-1 World Championship; UIM World F1 look at 4-Strokes; Solar Powered Catamaran Circumnavigation
TBPNews#121 -Sep 24, 2008   Controversial Win in Unlimited Hydroplane Racing; Andersson Takes Surprise Win in Russia F1; Jotun wins Romanian Grand Prix & Class 1 World Powerboat Championship; Seebold Wins Champboat Race in Michigan
TBPNews#120 -Jul 9, 2008   Crash Data Recorder for F1 Powerboat Worlds boats, Fountain Sweeps Powerboat P1 Races in France, FEATURE ARTICLE - "10 Safety Mod's & Tips for High Performance Go-Fast Boats", Torrente Wins F1-Champboat at Pittsburg
TBPNews#119 -May 2, 2008   FEATURE: "24 hours of Rouen 2008 - 45 Years and Getting Better"; Swedish Andersson Wins First 2008 UIM F1 Event; ; Reggie Fountain Buys Baja Marine; Respected industry veteran to head Donzi Marine
TBPNews#118 -Mar 22, 2008   FEATURE: "What a Blowout!"; St. Louis Grand Prix Powerboat Races ready; 2008 World Class 1 season starts up in Qatar; Evinrude Multi-Fuel Engines
TBPNews#117 -Mar 08, 2008   Finnish Selio Wins UIM F1 Championship, FEATURE: "Why do Boats Create Rooster Tails?", Cowes-Torquay-Cowes race to run again, 17 Unlimited Hydroplanes for 2008, Mercury introduces Verado 350 SCi.
TBPNews#116 -Dec 10, 2007   FEATURE: The "Hump Zone" - why does my boat porpoise?; Seleo Dominates UIM F1 GP of Abu Dhabi; New Don Aronow Movie; 2008 Unlimited Hydroplane Season
TBPNews#115 -Nov 27, 2007   Cappellini Wins Qatar UIM F1; Seebold Captures 5th Title; Evinrude introduces most powerful outboard engine E-Tec 250HO; Supercar on Water
TBPNews#114 -Sep 30, 2007   FEATURE:'Winterizing Your Performance Outboard Engine (Part 2)'; Ferrari joins P1 Powerboat Racing; Fountain Mercury Sets Center Console World Speed Record; 2007 J.D. Power Marine Engine Survey
TBPNews#113 -Sep 13, 2007   FEATURE - 'Winterizing Your Performance Outboard Engine'; Roger Penske Discovers Boating; Spirit of Norway' wins in Oslo.
TBPNews#112 -May 23, 2007 Fairchild Wins Champboat Season Opener; New Mercury 300hp Supercharged Verado; Grand Prix of Portugal Ushers in "Crash Box" Era F1 Racing;Mercury/Yamaha Win "24 Hours of Rouen"; Jimboat Authors NEW HotBoat Mag Article
TBPNews#111 -April 22, 2007 Bud Light Racing Brings In Worlds Best For ChampBoat Success In 2007; Honda confirms Formula 4-Stoke 2007 calendar; Yamaha�s new V8-powered F350 unveiled at Miami; Ferrari joins P1 Powerboat Racing
TBPNews#110 -Feb 9, 2007 Boat Racing Legend Bill Seebold Sr., Passes Away; Mercury Racing Sets $150,000 Prize Purse For 2007 Offshore Super Series; 2007 "Motor Wizard" Update for TBDP� and PropWorks2; 2007 F1 UIM calendar for 2007 announced
TBPNews#109 -Jan 14, 2007 Flying Dutchman Van der Velden - World F1 Champ/Legend Dies; Gillman Wins 4th F1 World Championship; Champ Boat Series Announces 2007 Schedule
TBPNews#108 -Dec 9, 2006 Feature: 'Winterizing Your Performance Outboard Engine (Part 2); Cappellini Wins to Tie Gillman for F1 Lead; 2007 Mercury Racing Champ Boat Series Customer Loyalty Program; 2007 OPA Racing Schedule
TBPNews#107 -Nov 19, 2006   Feature: 'Winterizing Your Performance Outboard Engine (Part 1); Legend Billy Schumacher new owner of U-8 racing team
Powerboat champion banned for 5 yrs; Rinker Sets World Record With 7th Straight; Brits Win SBI-APBA World Super Vee Title
TBPNews#106 -Sep 14, 2006 Feature: Who Say's Boats Can't Fly - The Switzer Story; U-5 Formula Boats Buys Two Miss Budweiser Hulls; Terry Rinker Wins Greater Chicagoland Grand Prix
TBPNews#105 -Aug 16, 2006 Feature: 'ChampCar Performance Secrets for Powerboats'; Accident kills boat racer at DePue, E10 Ethanol in Gasoline Causing Big Problems; New "Professional Working Group" Agreed by UIM, F1 & C1 and C1
TBPNews#104 -Aug 3, 2006 Feature: The "Hump Zone"; Lake Como, Italy - Birthplace of 1st UIM RACE; Italian F1 GranPrix - Spectacular 1st Lap Crash! Cappellini Wins; Gillman Drives OMC in USA
TBPNews#103 -Jul 15, 2006 Valleyfield Results Delayed, Allen Wins, Villwock out; Seebold Celebrate 25 Years of Bud Lit Support; First Win For FainPlast in P1-Evolution Category
TBPNews#102 -Jun 30, 2006 Feature Article - "10 Safety Mod's and Tips for High Performance Go-Fast Boats"; 2006 ODBA Schedule; Mercury Racing Launches �Factory Fresh� service for 850 SCi & 1075 SCi Stern drives
TBPNews#101 -Jun 14, 2006 Feature "Can Sport Tunnels Blow Over?"; New Safety Seat From Seebold Racing; Henry Lauterbach Champion Hydroplane Driver Dies at 87.
TBPNews#100 -May 31,2006 24 Hours of Rouen Race - Everybody wins!; Feature - "What a difference an inch makes" - Tunnel Height Design; DAC Racing tests new UIM crash boxes
TBPNews #99 -Apr 24,2006 Mercury Shadow Technology available for quadruple engined boats; Boat designer inducted into hall of fame; Iveco Motors returns to Powerboat P1
TBPNews #98 -Mar 31,2006 "Why is it 'Starboard' and 'Port'?"; OMC Racing V-6 Returns to Competition; Mercury's new Pro E.T. & Tunnel Race Propellers; U-6 Racing Buys Bud Boats
TBPNews #97 -Mar 15,2006 Feature - "Why do the boats create rooster tails?"; New 'Secrets of Propeller Design' book; ) Honda (UK) Formula 4-Stroke releases 2006 calendar; Mercury launches 'Next Generation' of OptiMax
TBPNews #96 -Mar 1, 2006 Feature - "What a Blowout!"; Jim Thomson, Miss SuperText Inducted to Hall of Fame; Try your hand at powerboat racing; New Mercury Racing web site goes live
TBPNews #95 -Feb 13,2006 Speed Queen - Jean Hoffman's 100-mph Lauterbach hydroplane; Wurster bids farewell to Llumar; Top Ten Boats Stolen in US; Can Hydro Racing Defeat it's Worst Enemy?
TBPNews #94 - Jan 30, 2006 Feature - "Surface Finish for Speed"; Memorable Cappellini Comeback; OMC Racing V-6 Returns to Competition; Mercury�s Enertia propeller produced from X7 alloy
TBPNews #93 - Jan 15, 2006 Cappellini Captures 50th Career Win in Sharjah; Cracking down on copycats; Mercury Racing returns as Sponsor of ChampBoat Series
TBPNews #92 - Dec 23, 2005 Maltese Islands Go For Power!; Bizaerre class 1 Situation; A 2006 busy WORLD F1 CALENDER; ITC Outboard Dumping Report
TBPNews #91 - Dec 5, 2005 Feature - 'Winterizing Your Performance Outboard Engine' (Part 2); World Unlimited Electric Water Speed Record Smashed by Tunnel design; Patriot Motorcycle Corp Adds Art Carlson as Director of Boat Design
TBPNews #90 - Nov 14, 2005 Feature - 'Winterizing Your Performance Outboard Engine' (Part 1); Challenger Offshore Race Team Sets Speed Record; Gina Campbell Wants Bluebird fully restored
TBPNews #89 - Oct 28, 2005 Feature - "The Classic Minimax 'SeaFlea'"; Merc unveils new prop; Cappellini Wins Appeal-Will Race in Qatar.
TBPNews #88 - Oct 8, 2005 Feature - "Step by Step" - step design in powerboats; Direct Injection-Next Generation Outboard Performance; Boating Spins Off Speedboat
TBPNews #87 - Sept 23, 2005 Crash eliminates piston-powered boat of the past; Villwock wins season finale; Extreme Marine TV; Ken Warby Test Run Video; Cantando Wins Wild Race in Singapore
TBPNews #86 - Sept 10, 2005 Jimboat technical consultant on National Geographic powerboat show!; Performance boating Relief to Gulf Coast; Danny Foster Joins Motorsports Hall of Fame; Rinker Wrecks, Seebold wins at St. Louis
TBPNews #85 - Aug 23, 2005 Feature - "New Secret tunnel boat for US Navy?"; Jimboat technical consultant on National Geographic powerboat TV special; 80 boats for British GP in Cowes Isle of Wight; Theoret first non-American to win Seafair since '61.
TBPNews #84 - Aug 8, 2005 Feature - "Dirty Little Secrets of Hull Design"; Man Loses Life In Drag-Boat Racing Accident; Villwock Out of Retirement; U-16 Miss Elam Hydroplane Flips, Breaks In Half On Detroit River.
TBPNews #83 - July 7, 2005 Feature - "Allison family marks 50 years of speed on the water"; New "Grow Boating" $urcharge kicks in; Brunswick Acquires Triton Boats
TBPNews #82 - June 20, 2005 Feature - 'The Bottom Line'-"Why does a Pad make a vee Hull faster?"; Dubai announces sponsorship of UAE'S F1 powerboat racing team, Cougar Custom Boats Sold.
TBPNews #81 - May 30, 2005 Feature - "Pre-season Checklist for performance powerboats"; Formula Future powerboat racing academy to set up in Malaysia; Cappellini Sets New World Speed Record!
TBPNews #80 - May 11, 2005 Feature - "ROCKET SCIENCE!" (Part 3); Record breaker for circumnavigation of British Isles; Theoret to drive Llumar Hydroplane
TBPNews #79 - April 24, 2005 Feature - "ROCKET SCIENCE!" (Part 2);Donald Campbell�s daughter fights slow-motion lake; Ride in Howard Arneson's 46' 180mph tunnel!
TBPNews #78 - April 10, 2005 Feature - "ROCKET SCIENCE!" (Part 1 of 3); 2005 ODBA Race Schedule; Champboat Series Adds �Dream Team�; Fayetteville, AK to host Solar Splash contest.
TBPNews #77 - Mar 28, 2005 Powerboat P1 World Championship Calendar; 4-stroke supply was one key to ITC decision; Boat Racing on TV
TBPNews #76 - Mar 10, 2005 Feature - "Lightening and Balancing Pistons, Rods and Wrist Pins"; Mark Rotharmel Inducted into Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame; MTI wins Kiekhafer innovation award
TBPNews #75 - Feb 21, 2005 Mercury Marine opens plant in China; Volvo Penta IPS revealed; New High Performance Boating Operating School
TBPNews #74 - Feb 8, 2005 Gary Garbrecht dies; Ken Warby WWSR Jet Boat Video; FEATURE ARTICLE - �What a drag!� - Trim angle & engine height can reduce drag & increase speed.
TBPNews #73 - Jan 28, 2005 Mercury Racing offers $150,000 purse; Yamaha recalls 30,000 outboards; Bob�s Machine Shop into Asia
TBPNews #72 - Jan 6, 2005 Motor inventor, pioneer, dies at 98; 'Madison� has date with silver screen April 22
TBPNews #71 - Dec 30, 2004 APBA Hall of Champions 2004; Mercury wins dumping case; R/C Powerboat Attacks Bystander
TBPNews #69 - Dec 12, 2004 Canada threatens 100-percent boat surtax; Discover Boating to award Scout patches
TBPNews #68 - Nov 25, 2004
Gillman wins 2004 World Championship F1 Grand Prix of Korea; Champ Boat Series Honors Champions
TBPNews #67 - Oct 22, 2004
Feature - "Australian undertakes Rotary Outboard Project"; Seebold Takes Season Title in 2004 Finale
TBPNews #66 - Aug 22, 2004
Donzi adopts growth strategy; Survey Results - Fuel Price influences boating activity; The Grand Prix of Singapore
TBPNews #65 - May 13,2004
Man killed in western Kentucky hydroplane race; Record-setting RIB Shatters at Sea
TBPNews #64 - Aug 22, 2004
Merc Racing rides �Highway� to efficiencies; U.S. Commerce Department imposes duty on Japanese �dumping'
TBPNews #63 - May 13,2004
Rinker Boat Co. is sold; New boating restrictions passed in Washington 
TBPNews #62 - Apr 30, 2004
Mercury Racing Dropping 3 Engines; Guido Cappellini wins Lake Como F1 Race
TBPNews #61 - Jun 07, 2004 Bombardier takes E-TEC up to 250 hp;Gillman Claims First Victory at UIM F1 Grand Prix of Portugal
TBPNews #60 - May 13, 2004 Catamaran Driver Dies During Testing; High-speed ferry draws a big crowd on its arrival in Lake Ontario
TBPNews #59 - Apr 30, 2004 Mercury Racing re-ups for Champ Series; Jimboat featured in HotBoat & World of Powerboats mags
TBPNews #58 - Apr 13, 2004 Gillman wins UIM F1 Powerboat Championship of Saudi Arabia
TBPNews #57 - Mar 26, 2004 Feature - "Step by Step" - step design in powerboats; Mercury unveils new X-Site test facility
TBPNews #56 - Mar 10, 2004 Feature  - "Aerodynamic Lift - where does it come from?"; Powerboat Racing Movie - 'Madison'; Miss Budweiser World Speed Record;
TBPNews #55 - Feb 28, 2004 Mercury launches Project X; Best Engine Voting of 2003
TBPNews #54 - Feb 11, 2004 Hydrogen Demo Boat; Miami to NY 2004 Race - It's a Go!
TBPNews #53 - Jan 15, 2004 Suzuki creates cycles/marine division; Mercury Racing offers team rebates
TBPNews #52 - Dec 22, 2003 Why is it 'Starboard' and 'Port'?; Boating fatalities and injuries up in 2002
TBPNews #51 - Dec 6, 2003 It's official! Bombardier sells recreational division; Mandatory education backed in Washington
TBPNews #50 - Nov 22, 2003 Yamaha launches boat show promo; Rinker Claims First Champ Title.
TBPNews #49 - Nov 3, 2003 AMH to build 103-foot catamaran;  Bombardier ships first E-Tec engines
TBPNews #48 - Oct 18, 2003 Feature - Why do the boats create rooster tails? Mercury Project X 4-strokes
TBPNews #47 - Oct 6, 2003 Feature - How does a tunnel hull work? (Part 4); Yamaha recalls 4-stroke models
TBPNews #46 - Sep 23, 2003 Feature - How does a tunnel hull work? (Part 3); Boat losses from hurricane $150 million
TBPNews #45 - Sep 8, 2003 Feature - How does a tunnel hull work? (Part 2); Dealers welcome Bombardier sale
TBPNews #44 - Aug 23, 2003 Feature - How does a tunnel hull work? (Part 1); Law limiting PWC use defeated in New York
TBPNews #42 - Aug 8, 2003 Mercury to build engines in China; Villwock Unlimited Hydroplane Victory at Seattle Aug 2, 2003
TBPNews #41 - Jun 25, 2003 Bombardier delivers non-gasoline burning outboard; Brunswick buys Land 'N' Sea
TBPNews #40 - Jun 6, 2003 New Yamaha F150; Fred Kiekhaefer wins Publisher's Award
TBPNews #39 - Apr. 27,2003 Feature - "The Short Course on Tunnel Boats", Part 2;  2003 UIM F1 World Championship entries
TBPNews #38 - Apr. 2, 2003 Bombardier future up in air; Mercury Marine lay off; Mercury wins magazine �shootout�
TBPNews #37 - Mar. 15,2003 Feature - "The Short Course on Tunnel Boats", Part 1
TBPNews #36 - Mar. 1, 2003 2003 Hydro-Prop Schedule;  2003 ODBA Rules book FREE; Donzi targets next generation race fans
TBPNews #35 - Feb. 14,2003 24 Hours of Rouen Race; Bombardier unveils E-Tec 
TBPNews #34 - Feb 3, 2003 APBA 100th Anniversary Annual Mtg; Boating interests kill N.J. speed limit
TBPNews #33 - Jan. 18,2002 Evinrude launches 7-year service promotion; Cappellini wins 7th World Title
TBPNews #32 - Dec. 29, 2002 "Winterizing Your Engine - Inboards"
TBPNews #31 - Dec. 14, 2002 "Winterizing Your Engine - Outboards"
TBPNews #30 - Nov. 30, 2002 "Merc sets 4 new speed records"
TBPNews #29 - Nov. 2, 2002 "10 Safety Mod�s and Tips for High Performance Go-Fast Boats"
TBPNews #28 - Oct. 17, 2002 "10 Tips for Increased Performance"
TBPNews #27 - Aug. 14, 2002 "CART Performance Secrets for Powerboats"
TBPNews #25 - Jul. 16, 2002 Rocket Science! (Part 3, Water Planing Surfaces)
TBPNews #24 - Jun. 08, 2002 Rocket Science! (Part 2, Efficient Planing Surfaces)
TBPNews #23 - May 21, 2002 Boating is good for you & Canopies or Center Pods?
TBPNews #21 - Apr. 06, 2002 New HydroStream Manufacturing Plant; 2002 APBA Offshore Schedule
TBPNews #20 - Mar. 27, 2002 Rocket Science! (Part 1, Aerodynamics)
TBPNews #19 - Mar. 09, 2002 FREE Boat Design drawing programs; TBPNews Update - Powerboating news
TBPNews #18 - Feb. 24, 2002 TBPNews Update - Powerboating news
TBPNews #17 - Feb. 21, 2002 New Product Release! (HTML)
TBPNews #16 -Feb. 13, 2002 What factors influence Tunnel hull performance? (Part 3)
TBPNews #15 -Jan. 30, 2002 What factors influence Tunnel hull performance? (Part 2)
TBPNews #13 -Jan. 06, 2002 What factors influence Tunnel hull performance? (Part 1)
TBPNews #12 -Dec. 30, 2001 New TBDP Version 7 Released
TBPNews #10 -Dec. 17, 2001

Carl Kiekhaefer; also the STV Euro-19 Performance Report

TBPNews #9 - Nov. 29, 2001 Aerofoil flow simulation model FREE on-line
TBPNews #8 - Nov. 22, 2001 "Flying Boat"
TBPNews #7 - Nov. 10, 2001 Aerodynamic Lift � where does it come from?
TBPNews #6 - Oct. 27, 2001 What makes the tunnel hull work? (Part 3 - Dynamic Force Balances)
TBPNews #5 - Oct. 16, 2001 What makes the tunnel hull work? (Part 2 - Drag and Thrust)
TBPNews #4 - Oct. 11, 2001 Budweiser Bill Muncey Cup Unlimited Hydroplane race
TBPNews #3 - Oct. 4, 2001 What makes the tunnel hull work? (Part 1 - Lift and Weight)

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