TBDP - Vee Hull design - QuickLift Wizard for Vee Hulls
                 and Vee-Pad designs
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TBDP - Help Manual [from TBDP software]
Use the ‘Quick Lift Calculator’ to simulate the Lift, Drag, Wetted surface area, Horsepower and other performance variables for vee-hull designs and vee-pad designs. To estimate the Lift/Drag for a Pad-Vee hull, use the ‘Quick Lift Calculator’ first to calculate Lift/Drag for the VEE portion of wetted surface, then use it again, with input details that describe the wetted PAD portion. The addition of the two sets of results is the TOTAL Lift/Drag for the hull configuration.

[Hint: Run this modeling method a few times, until your results represent the (Total) available Horsepower of your Vee-Pad setup.]

Quick Lift Calculator - This 'quick' design calculation shows hydrodynamic (water) lift and drag for planing surface, including coefficients of lift & drag. Values from current design are initialized just as starting inputs. Change to desired parameters to see changes in Lift and CLift (coefficient of Water Lift), Drag and CDrag (coefficient of Water Drag). Results are for information only, and do not change any input or performance output results of your TBDP setup.

Calculates Lift, Drag & Force coefficients for Tunnel hull, ModVP Pad and Vee-hull configurations.
(vee-hull shown here)

[Note: TBDP is best applied to tunnel hull, power catamaran and modified vee hull designs, but is also used for performance analysis of vee hulls and vee-pad hulls.]

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